Listen to beer
drink music.

What better way to enjoy a beer than with chips, sausage or cheese? A good piece of music!

It is scientifically proven that music has an impact on taste and the FLAK beer team did not wait for this verdict to be convinced.

This is why the FLAK project has decided to increase your taste experience tenfold...


Our concept is simple:
one beer, one musical atmosphere.

From the design to the brewing, including the name, each of our beers is designed to be associated with certain musical styles.

The flavours of our first beer, the Chill IPA, will be enhanced by a good piece of chillwave, reggae, dream pop, hip hop or poolside groove.

Playlists To Consume
Without Moderation!

You don't know what to listen to while drinking a FLAK beer?
Don't worry, we're here to guide you.

Each month, the FLAK playlists, created by our team and also by personalities from the music scene, will allow you to discover about twenty new tracks to listen to while drinking a FLAK beer.

So scan the QR code on the bottle and let yourself be carried away...

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